Day 3

Lucy was sitting on my lap while I was eating this evening, and she kept staring at my food and watching me and smacking her lips.  I felt bad, so I decided to mash up a banana for her to try.  She loved it!  I hadn’t planned on giving her solids until she was 6 months, but she decided that 4.5 months was a better idea..

I have to post two pictures today, just because I can’t chose which is cuter!


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Days 1 and 2!


Because I just decided to start this blog 20 minutes after
midnight, Day 1’s photo is an iPhone pic! Late and not the best
quality… This may end up being the overall theme of this

Here’s a quick snap of my silly girls.  Lucy was sitting on my lap and Jillian was hugging her, which Lucy found to be quite funny!


Early tomorrow morning Brandon is leaving for an 8 week TDY to Goodfellow AFB.  We all sat down together and made a paper chain to count down the 53 days until he comes home!

Here’s a picture of Jillian and Brandon with the chain!

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